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Underscarfs and bonnet

Underscarfs are a perfect accessory both from a fashion perspective and to keep your regular shawl in place. It prevents hair tests from sticking out and becoming visible - which can be important for many Muslim women. If you have already found a garment and want to enhance the look with a shawl, HijabFactory has a wide range of bonnets in different colors and nice materials. Browse on and find your favorite.


HijabFactory's underscarves

Underscarfs close around your head and hair without feeling uncomfortable. It is made of soft and compliant material that allows the skin to breathe. The underscarf or bonnet as it is also called comes in stretchy material such as cotton jersey or lycra blend and may have more or less fashion details and features.


At HijabFactory, you can find bonnets in a simple design that buckles at the neck with elastic bands, or turban-like shawls that can also function as a regular veil. If you want to cover shoulders and head at the same time, buy a shawl that also covers the neck and shoulder section. What type of underscarf is right for you?


  • Style Tip 1 - Buy different colored shawls with one color in the underscarf and another in the upper for a tougher contrast.
  • Style Tip 2 - Want a simpler turban for fashion purposes - find a bonnet with pleats in the front.
  • Style Tip 3 - Feel free to use a underscarf during workouts as it holds the hair firmly without causing disruptive moments. Shop in delicious colors that enhance your other workout outfit.
  • Combine other accessories such as sleeves to fit your bonnet.


Bonnet eller underscarf? 

Often the bonnet is mentioned instead of undersscarf or vice versa. Is there a difference or is it the same? 


Actually, bonnet is the French expression of underscarf that has come to become global. Bonnet can also be used as a cap in France and thus refers to something that sits near the head. Bonnet is thus not always associated with Muslim garments but can equally be used for anyone. However, an underscarf can be referred to as the exact same accessory as a bonnet, but it is often more common to talk about underscarfs when it comes to a little more fabric that may be more comprehensive over shoulders and neck. What you think feels right in your mouth for you, is your personal choice.


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HijabFactory is at the forefront when it comes to the selection of bonnets and underscarfs. Scroll and jump between different color choices, materials and brands. All our shawls are sewn up and purchased directly from Turkey and maintain high quality and a good fit for all heads and hair lengths. If you have any questions about your bonnet, how to wear it or choice of material, you can contact the customer service directly via chat. We have good knowledge and are happy to assist you in your thoughts, even in different languages ​​if you are not English speaking.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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