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Turbans have become a real fashion item - both in the Muslim fashion and in the Western world. Ever since the 1970s, women in the West have also applied this fashion statement to decorate hair and head. And surely the turban is nice !? Turbans can be used by both men and women, but here at HijabFactory we push for feminine fashion and sell turbans for all looks and tastes. Welcome in and find your favorite!


The opportunitie's fashion garments

A turban can be worn with released hair or with the hair tucked in so that it is fully covered. It is you who have the last word depending on what customs you have. HijabFactory's brands make turbans to suit the modern Muslim woman who both protects her background and at the same time wants to feel satisfied with her appearance. However, women all over the world love this quirky and stylish fashion item that can both be a cool accessory and also be used after a cancer treatment when the hair falls off.


Find turbans with designed folds on the head, and jewelry that accentuate your feminine side. Or buy a turban with hanging shawls for a true Muslim fashionista. Wear your turban for a party or as a change to your hijab or shawl.


A thousand and a turban

Here is a selection of ideas of turbans available in our range. Which one do you fall for?


  1. Sparkling turbans
  2. Turbans with shawls
  3. Folded turbans
  4. One colored
  5. Beaded turbans
  6. With bow on head or neck
  7. Turban and hijab in one
  8. Turban as a cap with a screen at the front


Want more fashion tips? Take a look at our best sellers or newcomers and boost your buying even more.


The importance of design and form

Different turbans have different meanings depending on culture and region and the orientation of Islam. In some cases, the garment is the man's most important accessory, while in other cultures it is more worn by women. It may be interesting to know more about the background to your particular choice. What traditions are you doing and what do you want to achieve with your particular model of the turban? From being a traditional costume, this garment has opened up many opportunities both in religion and in the fashion world.


Turbans can be more or less tight on the head or be manually wrapped around the head each time it is worn. But one thing is certain - it is one of the proudest and most appreciated garments in Muslim society!


Find great quality at low prices at HijabFactory


We promise you will love your turban when you bring it home. Probably so much that you want to buy one more and one more and ... one more. No problem! HijabFactory offers good quality turbans with good quality, perfect fit and low prices. We look forward to getting you dressed as you deserve - with pride!


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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